• Automated, accurate, consistent, student-based attendance

    Improve accuracy and save times with ScholarChip's smart ID card-based classroom attendance. You simplify and speed up classroom attendance with the tap of a card, taking human error out of the equation. Teachers spend more time on lessons instead of clerical tasks.

    Our eClass attendance portal takes automated student attendance. When students tap their smart ID cards onto a reader as they enter a classroom, they are automatically registered as on time or tardy. The teacher’s interface displays student photos that belong to a particular class; as the students tap, their photo changes from grayscale to full color indicating “present.” Teachers are able to override a tap, change attendance status, and confirm that eClass data is correct.

    You'll know who is in class in real time, and when our readers are combined with our Door Access module, all doors in a building or across the campus can be locked down with a single command. This immediacy improves reaction time and can save lives.

    ScholarChip’s dynamic reporting identifies at-risk students sooner and helps you identify attendance trends for creating retention strategies based on quantifiable data.

    Card readers are wall-mounted with Power over Ethernet for a lower total cost of ownership, or connected to a classroom PC. Readers can process 30 students in under a minute.

  • Do you need to issue care for the new year:
    • New Administration
    • New Hires
    • Promotions
    • Retirement
    No matter what the reason you consistently need updated credentials. Our BadgePass Bundle is ideal for that and with our Special Law Enforcement Pricing - it is ideal for any budget.
  •  Badgepass is the industry leader in secure card issuance and credential management. Organizations of all sizes trust us to outfit them with the best in credentialing software and related card production devices.

    ID badges are critical to organizations of all sizes, as they provide the foundation for that facility’s security. When implementing a badging system, ask yourself what you want your card to do. BadgePass Identity Manager is the credential management solution experts trust when they want to do more with their cards than just wear them
  • Photograph students, print and issue the ScholarChip One Card

    Hands down, ScholarChip provides the easiest, fastest and most secure way to issue smart ID cards. Our ID Manager Station provides everything you need to rapidly photograph, register and print, and you're ready to go.

    Card issuance is a unique combination of in-school hardware and cloud computing. Our high volume ID Manager stations take photos, issue smart IDs, search cardholder records and manage batch printing, for anywhere, anytime web-based photography and print capability.

  • The Identification Systems Group (ISG) is a nationwide network of local experts in identification, security and card personalization solutions, providing high quality, cost-effective solutions backed by local dealer support and the strength of our Professional Services Certification program, which guarantees that each of our resellers has the same product training and can offer you the same local solutions. To learn more visit:https://www.identificationsystemsgroup.com  
  • LENSEC provides purpose-built security solutions to reduce the total cost of ownership with thin-client user and administrative interfaces.
    Workplace incidents can expose your company to liability claims. Perspective VMS® helps manage commercial site risk by delivering IP video surveillance. The powerful features in PVMS can increase the capabilities of every camera, allowing you to get more value from each vantage point.
  • LENSEC’s purpose-built security solutions are responsive to first responders with brower-based user and administrative interfaces.
    Critical infrastructure is closely monitored for various types of activity. Protecting our nation’s physical infrastructure of ports, railways, electricity grids, oil and natural gas storage and distribution systems requires security integration and cooperation among federal, state, and local jurisdictions as well as owners and operators.
  • LENSEC understands the importance of protecting our nation’s communities and public places.  We have expertise providing a range of technical solutions to help municipalities and government agencies ensure the highest levels of security.
  • Campuses from across the country use LENSEC for managing and monitoring thousands of cameras. As the awareness and demand for campus safety increases, so does the need for a unified security platform, such as Perspective VMS®.
  • K-12 school campuses are security zones in an ever-changing environment. Needs vary greatly depending on the security footprint and district priorities. LENSEC has a great deal of expertise helping school leaders protect their greatest assets – the students. Whether the security scenario is for one school facility or a district-wide enterprise deployment, Perspective VMS® has all the angles covered. 
  • Security has moved beyond stationary buildings and closed sites. Today we face challenges for mobile security deployment ranging from public transportation (buses, rail, ships) to private fleet monitoring. LENSEC has you covered with mobile solutions.