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LENSEC Commercial Solutions

LENSEC provides purpose-built security solutions to reduce the total cost of ownership with thin-client user and administrative interfaces.

Workplace incidents can expose your company to liability claims. Perspective VMS® helps manage commercial site risk by delivering IP video surveillance. The powerful features in PVMS can increase the capabilities of every camera, allowing you to get more value from each vantage point.



Megapixel IP video offers benefits for commercial sites beyond traditional video surveillance. Utilizing IP video increases productivity or efficiency in normal business practices. This is done using high-definition images. A clear video feed can be used to monitor staff and customer activity, providing assurances that safety and security measures are being used.

Add-ons can use video analyticstraffic monitoring, or people counting is an intelligent way to share costs of ownership and see real ROI as a result.

Perspective VMS® is an integrated security management system, joining traditional security applications and business process improvements with the industry’s premier surveillance collaboration software. With our share view feature, PVMS allows users to quickly collaborate on events and archived incidents by messaging complete displays along with notes and informational tags.

Establish a Perimeter

Perspective VMS® helps users establish a defensive perimeter around facilities and triggers alerts at the first sign of trouble. IP devices can be integrated into the unified security platform to provide notifications of activity in sensitive areas. PVMS has powerful forensic features assisting in the efficient location of incriminating video files.

Smart Business

PVMS from LENSEC can help your business grow by providing security solutions that evolve with your needs. Capital costs are lowered using standard industry equipment, which provides security in your purchasing decisions.

HTML5 Rich Application

Perspective VMS® is an HTML5 rich application with smart features. This allows network access on any client workstation without the need for thick-client software. PVMS is a true cloud solution that allows businesses to manage remote operations from a central command point or headquarters.