Clincher® Inmate Wristbands

Clincher® Inmate Wristbands

Clincher® wristbands are laminated with inmate photo and information sealed inside.

PDC Clincher Inmate Identification wristbands are the preferred choice for law enforcement facilities, including prisons, jails, detention centers, and correctional institutions. Clincher inmate identification products help to ensure optimal identification, security, access control, and classification for corrections applications. For security purposes, Clincher products are sold exclusively to law enforcement agencies.

Clincher V wristbands accommodate printed inmate data, as well as black-and-white or color photos, and are fully compatible with video imaging systems. Unlike ID badges or cards, Clincher wristbands remain on the inmates at all times (during transportation, exercise, movement within the facility, showers, etc.), ensuring maximum security. All wristbands are latex-free.


  • Bar Code Photo ID Ready – print inmate photo, information, and unique bar code on insert label, then laminate to securely seal within the wristband (PDC laminator sold separately).
  • Strong, durable and tamper-resistant – Clincher multi-laminate material and single-use locking snap closure wristbands are extremely durable, rugged, tamper-resistant, and tamper-evident.
  • Up to 9 highly visible colors – Clincher wristbands help to effectively classify and categorize inmates by offenses, high-risk status, medical conditions, etc.
  • Your choice of fasteners:
    Metal dual grip fasteners, which requires fastening tool (sold separately)
    1-piece plastic fasteners – lightweight, comfortable and tamper-evident
    2-piece plastic fasteners – lightweight, durable and strong
  • Available in Original size and Extra Wide:

Original Clincher V #643 Wristbands
Size 1 1/4″ W x 11 3/8″ L
Accommodates inmate ID insert up to 3/4″ wide
8 color choices – thin color stripes on white
Packed 500/box
643MB – Clincher V Photo ID wristband with metal fastener
643PB – Clincher V Photo ID wristband with 2-piece plastic snap fastener
643SB – Clincher V Photo ID wristband with 1-piece plastic snap fastener

Extra Wide Clincher V #648 Wristbands
Size 1 1/2″ W x 11 3/8″ L (1/4″ wider than original Clincher IV)
Accommodates inmate ID insert up to 1″ wide
8 color choices – new bold zebra striped pattern, wide diagonal stripes
Packed 450/box
648MB – Clincher V Photo ID wristband with metal fastener
648PB – Clincher V Photo ID wristband with 2-piece plastic snap fastener

Optional equipment and accessories:
698 – PL4A Original 4″ Laminator – accommodates 1 wristband carrier
705 – New and improved 4″ Laminator – includes dual heaters and multiple rollers to ensure the strongest lamination
690 – PL12A 12″ Laminator – accommodates up to 3 wristband carriers at once
692 – Dual Grip Fastener Tool – required for application of metal dual-grip fasteners

ISG Color Printer – used to print Color images on labels.

ISG Standard – Black printing only on labels