Epic Track

EPIC Track is a basic tracking solution that can be used to track people, places and things for daily use or during special events. The software provides a time stamp during check in and out by scanning a person’s barcode ID, an asset barcode tag or selects from a drop down list of data such as locations.

Scan Using Your Smartphone!

EPIC Track is very flexible with it’s ability to track using a smartphone, adapt to any basic check in/out tracking scenario, and perform on or off-line making it easy to use in any location

2D Barcode Integrated Asset ID & Tracking

 ***See the section on GRABBA SLEDS***






  •  Easy to deploy & train others.
  •  Configure an event in minutes.
  •  Access from any location – web based.
  •  Supports Apple, Android & Windows platforms.
  •  Works on-line or off-line.
  •  User your data with Data Connector.
  •  Real time status checks.
  •  Dynamic reports included.
  •  Flexible solution allows for creative freedom.