LENSEC Critical Infrastructure Solutions

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LENSEC Critical Infrastructure Solutions

LENSEC’s purpose-built security solutions are responsive to first responders with brower-based user and administrative interfaces.

Critical infrastructure is closely monitored for various types of activity. Protecting our nation’s physical infrastructure of ports, railways, electricity grids, oil and natural gas storage and distribution systems requires security integration and cooperation among federal, state, and local jurisdictions as well as owners and operators.


Stay in the Loop

Perspective VMS® is able to provide high-quality remote video surveillance. Security technology often needs to interface with other operating systems. PVMS is up to the challenge. This means stakeholders can remain in the loop.

PVMS enables real-time collaboration among team members by allowing users to share video and information with other users. First responders and operators can analyze remote video surveillance for activity and take proactive measures to maintain safety. This allows users a to begin forensic investigation of incidents to determine evidentiary causes and identify suspects.

Situational Awareness

Perspective VMS® can also play a key role in early detection and provide situational awareness for security professionals. PVMS also serves the needs of electricity operators from small municipal-owned utilities to large bulk-power systems required to meet industry standards for physical security.