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LENSEC Higher Education Solutions

Campuses from across the country use LENSEC for managing and monitoring thousands of cameras. As the awareness and demand for campus safety increases, so does the need for a unified security platform, such as Perspective VMS®.



Integrated security systems allow for video surveillance, video analytics, and physical access control or intrusion detection events to be analyzed for fast retrieval. Integrated systems also alert staff when an event or action escalates, providing accurate video verification which facilitates fast response during a crisis.

University campuses often serve as community hubs for activities by sharing athletic fields, meeting areas, or auditoriums with the general public. Active security is critical and helps prevent and raise visibility of suspicious activity. Security awareness will also limit liability from accidents or vandalism.

With Perspective VMS®, security devices can enhance school safety in significant ways. An advanced feature allows administrators to associate neighboring cameras. These can then be used to track activity during or after a developing event. Sharing live camera views or recorded video with other users has never been easier. PVMS provides remote viewing capability along with secure access. These are just some of the everyday features from Perspective VMS® that will make your security and safety staff more efficient.

Along with security concerns, agencies need to ensure that the right solution is found through a competitive bid process. LENSEC has addressed these concerns for agencies by listing solutions on several cooperative schedules including GSA, Texas DIR and TCPN.