M10HE Manual Dog Tag Machine

M10HE Manual Dog Tag Machine

The M10HE has an easy to carry handle, weighs only 28 pounds and requires no electric power for operation.  Ideal for military deployments or fun memorabilia at event.

Click here to see this system in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpNe3UgoXC8&index=5&list=PLb5DIsFvOkbksIA285sOQBEEhthQ-pM4u



The M10 HE is a portable, robust, and compact solution for dog tag and metal plate marking. Ideal for manual personalization of metal plates and dog tags in any environment.

• 60 characters capacity drum with numbers and punctuation marks
• Automatic interspacing and free format on whole plate
• Manual operation
• No electric power required for operations
• Only 28 pounds
• Easy to carry handle