RightPatient Smart Mobile App

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RightPatient Smart Mobile App

RightPatient® works with most industry standard web cameras and smartphones, for both image capture at registration areas and for bedside patient identification.

Captured images can then be securely shared. This is essential to verify a patient’s identity prior to any medical procedures, improves all patient safety and reduces the risk of any adverse events from wrong patient procedures.

The RightPatient® mobile app turns any smartphone or tablet into a powerful patient recognition device, by using augmented reality and deep learning to recognize patients, including unconscious patients or those in specialty areas.



 Accurately Identify Patients
• System reads biometric data from the photo
• No hygiene issues as it requires no direct contact
• Highly accurate system incorporating artifi cial intelligence
• 1:N scan and identify with no need to enter DOB or other credentials
• Very fast enrollment with 1:N matching speed in seconds
• Recognize patients anywhere, at any time, from any device
• Capture clinical images
• Not locked into a single device or manufacturer
• Works with commodity web cameras and smartphones