Patients are more than numbers.

The RightPatient® Cloud ensures it by humanizing health IT. We are transforming healthcare with cognitive vision technology that saves lives, improves quality and reduces risk.

Increase Patient Safety & Reduce Costs


We solve the patient ID challenge

When patients are not identified correctly, bad things happen. Critical health information can be linked to a duplicate medical record or the wrong record. This affects patient safety, data integrity, and healthcare costs.  Medical record mixups cost the average hospital $17.4 million per year and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Patient safety and lives are also at risk when data is matched to the wrong patient or missing from the patient record.

RightPatient® solves the patient identification challenge by locking medical records with a biometric signature to accurately identify patients during each encounter.

The ECRI Institute recommends that hospitals use photographs with patient files to improve safety. Read our blog post to understand more about the importance of capturing patient photos during registration: In Your Face: The Future of Federated Patient Identification