Does your office need TCOLE ID Cards – wish it was automated.

We have a solution for that!

TCOLE  creating using your cell phone or tablet.  Once you download our app (iOS and Android) you will have a unique password to use for the purpose of logging into you badge template.

Individuals will fill in their unique information and then take a picture and print – simple as that.

We have designed the template to meet current TCOLE requirements  – just pick the design you like and we do the rest.

Prior to badging, we will work with you to capture the authorized signature of your administrator to the listed on the card.   We will also need the physical address and 24 phone number of the department.







TCOLE ID Card Pricing: $ 25.00 per card    $ 75 Set up fee   Printed on a stand plastic card like a credit card

Includes: Photo, Agency Information, Barcode from your TCOLE ID Number unique to you.

Security Feature:  Lamination on the Front (Color) Side of the card.

Additional Bonus:  You can designate an email to receive a digital copy of the badge for your records.  This image can be used in any manner you see fit.

The user will also receive a free digital copy of their card – great in the event their physical card is lost.