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PeopleTrack SM – Student Management

PeopleTrack SM – Student Management

Ensure student safety by accurately and securely tracking student activities.
Whether your school is large or small, keeping track of who’s late and why, and where students go after they arrive, is never easy. Combined with the unprecedented number of opportunities for before- and after-school activities, and the security concerns of parents, faculty and administration, it’s getting harder than ever to figure out exactly where your students are.

Maintaining security on today’s school environment is becoming ever more challenging

That’s why it’s more important than ever to get PeopleTrack SM Student Activity Tracking. SM student tracking software is specially developed for the K–12 environment, letting you track student activities to give you the clearest picture yet of exactly what’s going on in your school. You’ll improve safety, security and student accountability, and have an easily accessible record for future use.



K-12 Open Tech student tracking software allow you to:

  • Have student information at your fingertips with our mobile handheld units
  • Know what students are in the building(s)
  • Know what visitors are in the building(s)
  • Monitor student late arrivals and early dismissals
  • Monitor student tardiness
  • Monitor student activity at extracurricular events
  • Support a single school or an entire district
  • Monitor visitor/vendor activity in the building(s)
  • Run daily reports on student and visitor activity

Open Tech’s K-12 student tracking software solutions incorporate state of the art technologies to track activity.

  • Photo ID cards, including smart cards
  • Biometrics for fingerprint scanning
  • Mobile handheld units
  • ID badge printers