PeopleTrack Mobile

PeopleTrack Mobile Brings Tracking to the Action

Whether your school or organization is large or small, when people are on the go, you have to be on the go as well. Track staff, visitors and students as they move from one activity to another, on or off facility.

Used in conjunction with either PeopleTrack SM (Student Management), MM (Membership Management), or VM (Visitor Management), PeopleTrack-Mobile brings the functionality of these powerful tracking solutions from your desktop PC to a hand-held. Within a school environment, for example, whether in school or at sporting events, after-school activities and field trips, principals, hall monitors and security officers can keep attendance or school policy violations current from almost anywhere.


Work smarter, deliver more
Maintaining security in today’s school environment is becoming ever more challenging. Keeping track of who’s late and why, and where students go after they arrive, is never easy. Combined with the unprecedented number of extra-curricular activities, and security concerns of parents, it’s getting harder than ever to figure out exactly where your students are.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to get PeopleTrack SM and SM Mobile. SM is specially developed for the K–12 environment, letting you track student activities to give you the clearest picture yet of exactly what’s going on in your school. You’ll improve safety, security and student accountability, and have an easily accessible record for future use.